Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does this Quoin do for the homeowner?

  • Increases the value and improves the look of your home;
  • Strengthens and seals corners, keeping moisture out.

Can this Quoin be used on existing homes? Yes!

  • Remove existing corner post;
  • Cut/Remove small portion of siding on each side of corner;
  • Install Quoins. See ‘Installation Instructions.’

Can this Quoin be installed on Stucco homes? Yes!

  • Place wire on top of flange and nail just outside flange;
  • Install Quoins. See ‘Installation Instructions.’

Does all siding fit the Quoin? Yes!

  • J-channel design in the Quoin accommodates U.S. market siding.

Where do I start the installation?

  • Measure height of corner of house or building.
  • Start at the bottom with Starter Quoin.
  • Cut Quoin, if necessary to fit height.
  • See ‘Installation Instructions.’

What tools are needed?

  • Tape Measure, Level, Hammer; Hand Saw or Electric Saw, Galvanized Nails or Screws.